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#ThirtyDaysofThanks – Day 3 Sunset in Key Biscayne

by Cynthia K Seymour on November 4, 2012

sunset glory ripples key biscayne #sunsetsaturdayFrom my neighborhood of Coconut Grove, glorious sunsets are a short 10 minute drive to Bill Baggs State Park in Key Biscayne. I don’t always take the time to drive over, but every time I am there, I simply want to capture it forever.

I am so thankful to live in an environment that is beautiful most of the year. (Shhhh… don’t tell the snowbirds that it is 10 degrees hotter on average in their Northern cities during the Summer.) We are graced by sea breezes and Tropical rains that turn an afternoon nap into a sensual summertime luxury.

The sunsets are magnificent, day after day. If I could find a way to “bottle” the peaceful feeling of watching the sunlight dance upon the ripples, the venture might be a profitable alternative to anti-depressants and anti-anxiety pills. The salty scent of the ocean air, the sounds of the waves and the waving palm fronds cause all the pressures of life to simply melt away.

When I see the sun rays bursting out of the clouds in full glory, I feel a sense of joy and utter gratitude!

Peace is as simple as a sunset… Enjoy!


#SunsetSaturday Tropical Palm Trees in the Keys

by Cynthia K Seymour on October 27, 2012

After a long, hard week… Sometimes the best gift in the world is a sunny day followed by a magnificent sunset. This week, Hurricane Sandy passed by Miami and waved at us with a few tropical storm days. Today, the winds were blustery, but the temperatures were cool and the sun lit up the dancing trees.

Here’s wishing you a wonderful rest of the weekend on this #SunsetSaturday


Wordless Wednesday – Take time to Savor the Nectar of Today

by Cynthia K Seymour on October 24, 2012

butterfly nectar flower fall colors fairchild tropical botanical gardenIt’s Fall in South Florida and the weather is so beautiful. Sometimes, it’s so easy to get caught up in the minutiae of life and forget the wonders all around us. Take some time each day to just enjoy the world that we live in. Step away from the desk for a 15 minute walk and find one thing worth marveling about. Every day, there are blessings all around us. Take time to Savor the Nectar of Today.


Sometimes, nature is so beautiful it almost seems unreal. When I came across these flowers at the Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden, the vibrant blues and reds against the greens were almost other-worldly. They almost appear to be plants right out of a Dr. Seuss book. For those of you who are curious, the botanical name is Aechmea “Blue Tango” Bromeliaceae.

So, while the people in colder climates are sharing the vivid hues of Autumn Leaves, we are surrounded by vivid flowers. Sigh… it’s rough living in Tropical Paradise.

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#FloralFriday on G+

October 20, 2012

Tweet #FloralFriday On Fridays, the G+ community shares photographs of flowers under the hashtag #FloralFriday. Living in South Florida, our seasons are marked by the various flowering seasons. The colors change in tropical hues. Today, also recognized #SpiritDay, a collective recognition of the need to bring awareness and eradicate bullying. Today, FlamingoLips is honoring Spirit […]

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Tropical Palms at Sunset

October 17, 2012

Tweet The sounds of the palm fronds rustling in the breeze The pink hues of the sun setting paints the dancing ripples The scent of the salty ocean air opens the chest Floating in the calm waters and staring into the infinite blue sky A pelican dives for his supper in and out of the […]

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Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park Lighthouse

October 17, 2012

Tweet Need to get-away from the political debates? What we need is a Lighthouse… a Visionary to show us the way! In the meantime, I may have to find a way to escape from this constant campaign insanity. Luckily, Bill Baggs State Park in Key Biscayne is a short drive away. Who’s up for an […]

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Life’s Still a Beach… Virginia Key

October 13, 2012

Tweet While many are enjoying the changing of the weather and the turning of the leaves, life’s still a beach in Miami. When things get stressful, Virginia Key beach is a quick 5 minute drive away. This beach is quiet and undergoing a ecological restoration. Surrounded by natural vegetation, the secluded beaches are a wonderful […]

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Pumpkin Patch – Yellow River Farms

October 12, 2012

Tweet Harvest Season… brings varieties of gourds and squash. The oranges, yellows and dark greens create a cornucopia of Autumn colors. A Barn that is stocked high with sweet-scented hay for the Winter. The red tractor behind the barn has done a Summer’s worth of work. Orange Pumpkins so big that I could almost imagine […]

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Harvest apples in the Heartland of America

October 9, 2012

Tweet Last week, I had the chance to visit Culver Academies after 25 years. On the 2-hour drive from Chicago to Culver, Indiana, the urban hustle transitioned from the industrial to the agricultural miles of cornfields of the Mid-west. Along the way, I initially passed by Yellow River Farms, and the huge pumpkins growing in […]

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